The Top 6 Benefits of Working in the Hospitality Industry

Glass of WineAre you thinking about starting a career in the hospitality industry? If so, you can pat yourself on the back for making a very wise choice. If you’re contemplating launching a business, especially in the hospitality industry, incorporating a timesheet system is a strategic choice that can significantly contribute to your operational efficiency and success. Although it does take hard work to get into this field and succeed, there are a lot of great things that go along with following this path. Let’s look at six specific benefits to see exactly why a career in hospitality is so desirable:

Amazing Opportunities: If you love variety, you’ll also love the fact that working in hospitality is never dull. Whether it’s a new challenge or the opportunity to travel to different places, this type of spice makes it very easy to wake up in the morning and feel excited about heading to work for the day.

Appreciation: There are plenty of jobs that involve mostly thankless work. While society couldn’t function without people willing to do these jobs, that doesn’t mean those individuals feel any type of appreciation on a daily basis. The nice thing about hospitality is you won’t have to be put in this type of position. Instead, patrons will remind you on a daily basis of just how much they appreciate what you do for them. The knowledge that you’ve just made someone’s day is a feeling that never gets old!

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Meritocracy: One of the reasons many people aren’t interested in working in specific corporate environments is because they know that the only way they’ll be able to move up is by playing constant political games. If you’re the type of person who wants the quality of your work to speak for itself, you’ll be very fond of how the hospitality industry operates. People will notice when you take initiative and follow through. If you have a go-getter attitude, the sky will be the limit in terms of where your career can go.

Lots of Perks: Even though this isn’t the biggest driver of most people’s happiness and satisfaction with their job in hospitality, it’s still worth noting. As you may have guessed, being in a position that’s about ensuring other’s happiness does mean that you will get to reap plenty of perks as well.

Stability: The impact of the 2008 and 2009 financial meltdown wasn’t limited to the housing industry. The travel and hospitality industry also took a big hit as a result of people tightening their wallets in response to concerns about the financial future. Although there’s no sugarcoating the fact that those were very dark times for the industry, it survived and is once again flourishing. Being able to survive that type of trial shows just how robust hospitality is as an industry.

Exercise Creativity: Musicians and writers aren’t the only people who get to enjoy creative work. Because there are always unique challenges that need to be tackled within hospitality, you’ll always be able to put both your critical and creative thinking to good use.

Bob Smuckateli is a writer that blogs about hospitality school education programs in addition to other higher education and learning courses.

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  1. As a person who has majored in this field I advice you to have a double thinking session with yourself and research more about the pros and cons. If you’re a people’s person who doesn’t mind taking s**t to see people happy then go for it, if not then stay as far away from this field as possible because believe me you can literally end up hating yourself. Honestly speaking, If only I had someone to tell me everything that I know of this field I would have changed to another field when I had the chance but I unfortunately didn’t therefore had to discover and learn what I know the hard way.

    In my opinion, here are the top 3 pros and cons of hospitality:
    1 – You get to deal with a multinational team
    2 – Opportunity to travel the world
    3 – Lots of funny encounters
    1 – S****y pay
    2 – Unstable off days
    3 – Goodbye social life incase if you had one

  2. Wow, I didn’t know that people in the hospitality industry were among some of the most happy people in their work. It makes sense as working in the hospitality industry can mean flexible hours. A friend of mine worked for a cruise ship and she was able to get a lot of traveling in. A job in this industry may be a good idea for those looking for adventure and satisfaction.

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  6. I wonder what exactly the author meant by lots of perks. Though personally I’m involved in hospitality as I study for a bachelor degree in hotel management (, I still don’t have a clue. That’s too abstract a point, could someone please enlighten me?

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