An Update on the Papa Roux and Jhaquiel Story

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind of a week for Papa, Jhaquiel and the rest of the Roux Croux. This story definite tripped the viral meter and has been heard all over the nation as well as internationally from places like Adelaide, Australia, the Ukraine, South Korea, Russia, Canada, the Philipines and plenty of other places. […]

The Roux Way

Many of you may be familiar with Papa Roux. It’s an east side cajun restaurant at 10th and Post Road operated by the “Papa”, Arthur, and the “Mama”, Colleen, and whole Croux of other great employees. You may have tasted his tremendous poboy sandwiches made with fresh seafood from Zirlott’s Gulf Products when they’re available. […]

Support Indianapolis and the East Side – All You Gotta Do Is Vote

Unless you’re visiting the website for the first time you know I’m a big fan of eating. I love supporting local restaurants and I’ve been pushing you to vote for my friends Papa Roux and Rock Cola Cafe in the Super 46 Sandwich contest. It’s down to the Final and you can still vote FOR […]

The Final Four Super 46 Sandwiches

I’m not sure what that looks like to you, but to me it looks like…LUNCH! This is it folks. The Final 4 sandwiches have made the cut for the Super 46 Sandwich contest. I’m very happy to say that the two remaining sandwiches from Indianapolis are my friends at Papa Roux and Rock Cola Cafe. […]

The Indianapolis Super Sandwich Playoffs

Yesterday morning I walked into one of my favorite Indy restaurants, the Rock Cola Cafe on Brookville Rd for an unexpected breakfast. When I walked in, Greg let me know that one of their sandwiches had been featured in the Super 46 Sandwich contest being sponsored by the Indianapolis Super Bowl committee. It was their […]