The Town of Speedway Indiana

It’s May and when people in the Indianapolis area, and beyond, think of the month of May many of us think of the largest spectacle in racing, The Indianapolis 500 There’s more to May than just the 500 and there’s more to Speedway, Indiana than just a race every may. What many people may not realize […]

Indianapolis Parking Is Getting Smarter

A couple of weeks ago I was in downtown Indianapolis and had to run into a client’s office real quick to grab something and then head back out. After circle a couple of blocks a few times looking for a parking space I finally found one about a block-and-a-half away. I raided the ash tray […]

Indianapolis Ranks 44th Among List of Socially Connected Cities

In a recent link shared by Patric Welch of Noobie on Facebook, I discovered that Indianapolis is perhaps not quite as connected as I would have thought compared to other US cities. Indianapolis ranked 44th among Top 100 Socially Networked Cities in the U.S. Is ranking 44th on the list a surprise to you? Other […]

Let’s Put Solar Roadways in Indianapolis

I just saw video of a guy that’s invented a solar panel that’s tough enough to be driven on. The entire reason is to replace stupid, heavy asphault with smart roadways that harness that power from the sun and use it to power our neighborhoods. Imagine a parking lot that soaked up the rays of […]

Are You Parenting Better in 2011

One of the things I enjoy about living in Indianapolis is that there’s a general consensus of values that can be found in the Midwest. Some of those values include parenting. I’m not saying we all agree by any means, but generally I believe most of us have similar aspirations and desires for our kids. […]