Early Morning Fire Ravages Cosmopolitan Complex


An early morning fire at a downtown construction project has done considerable damage. The new condo luxury apartment project, Cosmopolitan on the Canal, is a large, luxury development. The fire also damaged the building were the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana resides.

In addition, property owners who have fire alarm systems or water-based fire protection systems that are not functional are required to implement a fire watch. They may seek expert help from a professional Fire Watch Security in Clearwater.

The project is very close to one of my clients and I’ve driven by the location regularly and have been impressed with the development and design of the project. It’s sad to see so much work ruined so quickly on the $28 million dollar project.

Damage to the building is significant but they hope to save as much as they can in order to keep moving forward.


  1. That could be true, but the real question is… why do they call them "apartments" when they're all stuck together?

  2. Hey Jason!

    Maybe Willy had a down payment on one of the units. That would certainly ruin your day.

  3. Sorry about that Willy. Didn't realize a simple mistake with touch a nerve. I've corrected the post and title for you.

  4. Willy says:

    Get your facts straight – it's an apartment complex, not condos!